Helping you run your festival

What is Play&Perform?

Play&Perform provides a range of internet-based services to help organisers of performing arts festivals and competitions deliver the best event possible, including virtual events. These services include:

Play & Perform is designed to be flexible and allow festivals to customise services to meet their own needs.

How would our festival connect with Play&Perform?

A simple link from your website connects people making entries to a customised service with Play&Perform.

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What do people say about Play&Perform?

"The system is great and it has significantly reduced administration time for me." (Section secretary)
"We have all been extremely impressed with the smooth running, the clean, user-friendly design and the flexibility of the system." (Festival treasurer)
"It worked really well" (General Secretary)
"Wonderfully quick" (Teacher)
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Tel: 07982 155924